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    Christmas Special Only Fools And Horses Quotes


    Rodney: Right. He used to sell home-made fireworks. Del Boy: What is? Rodney: Well I noticed it on the plane but it didn't quite register. Never, Del, never hold him back." Rodney: She didn't half say a lot on her death bed, didn't she? Del: What? Rodney: Whatever the subject is, Mum had something to say about it on her death bed. The plot saw David Jason, Nicholas Lyndhurst and Buster Merryfield appear on stage in character, thinking that they are delivering boxes of alcohol to an associate of Del's, only later realising where they actually are. p.14. Right, that's mine and I have a hotel, so that's twelve hundred pounds.


    Sport Relief. Series 2 (1982)[edit]. The British Sitcom Guide. Retrieved 30 December 2006. Retrieved 27 September 2006. Del: I didn't know you couldn't pronouce your R's! Tony Angelino: What does that matter? Albert: Quite a lot when you sing songs with R's in. 'Cos if you want the bestuns, but you don't ask questions, Then brother, I'm your man. Del: Really? Go on then, say something.


    Cor, didn't half make a noise. oh. Del: Well you'll have to wait till the morning, 'cos they'll be closed now! . Rodney: He used to be much taller, but like he said, he had a bad landing. One was to be a star vehicle for former M*A*S*H actor Harry Morgan, with Grandad rather than Del becoming the lead character.[113] The other, entitled This Time Next Year., would have seen the Trotters renamed the Flannagans. BFI. Del: No. b2d0762948

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